Pontoons are economically priced, and usually equipped with smaller engines.

Pontoon Boat Details

Average Length: 16 to 30 ft. 
Capacity: 15 
Propulsion Type: Outboard engine, stern-drive engine 
Trailerable: Yes 
Hull Type: Pontoon 

Pontoon Boats to Enjoy Fishing Comfortably

Pontoon boats capture all the comfort of your living room, if your living room could float. They're equipped with couches, lounges and swivel seats that beckon boaters to sit back, put up their feet and enjoy the breeze, the sunset or whatever they want on the water. And when the family wants to drop a line in the water for some fishing, they're great for that too. Pontoons are economically priced with smaller engines. When equipped with higher horsepower, they offer relaxation plus speed with power for skiing and tubing too.