The Path to 60 in 60 Runs Through State Partners

While the 60 in 60 goal will be a challenge, having clear targets will help make this vision a reality. State-specific goals help show the path to the 60 in 60 mark by breaking the 60 million anglers into realistic and attainable goals for each state. RBFF used historical license data as a guide before sharing the following goals with state directors:

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When gauging angler participation over the past 11 years, on average, one license purchase is equivalent to 1.68 fishing participants. Therefore, to reach a participation rate of 60 million anglers per year, a total of 35,086,091 licenses need to be sold. Each state’s 60 in 60 goal was determined by dividing this total license sales number amongst all 50 states, while taking into account each state’s percentage of the total U.S. license sales over a 10-year period. This number was then divided evenly between each of the five years within the 60-month period of the 60 in 60 goal to determine the yearly state goals. Moving forward, license sales for all 50 states will be monitored quarterly.

These goals are certainly achievable and RBFF is here to help each state along the way. State agencies have successfully utilized RBFF’s free resources, including the Direct Mail & Email Marketing Toolkit to Reactivate Lapsed Anglers and the First-Time Buyers Retention Email Campaign Toolkit to retain and reactivate anglers within their state. These resources and more are available for free to all RBFF stakeholders in the RBFF Resource Center.