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Boat Positioning

Our boat drifted along the end of Great Island, Mass. with the current.  I watched my son in the bow cast repeatedly and not catch a fish.

Eyes on the Prize: Tips for Sight Fishing

All fishing is good fishing. But sight fishing — where you see the fish before you cast — is one of my favorite challenges. It doesn’t matter if I’m casting to trout in a river, or bass or pike in the shallows of a lake.

Bumper Boats

In our continuing quest for the perfect family boat, we are trying to keep an open mind; considering even the most unorthodox boat types.

Never Seeze

A few years ago I was hauling my boat home from a fishing trip.  Up ahead there had been an unfortunate accident.  No one was injured, but one of the three cars involved was totaled.  

Do You Practice Fishing?

Would you walk up to the first tee at a golf course without having been to the driving range first? Would a baseball player step into the batter’s box without having had a least a little batting practice?


Most anglers cannot just step out of a lakeshore house and start casting; a road trip is required before we wet a line.  And road trips call for some sustenance… often at some unholy hour. Every major road leaving Stillwater, Oklahoma has a gas station convenience store, fully equipped to cater to the angler.

The Striper Moon

The Northeastern Native Americans named full moons.

Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

The vast majority of the fly fishing world revolves around trout. And while trout are no doubt fun to catch on flies, that presents a bit of a problem, because a lot of people think they have to find a cool river or lake (trout do best in water temperatures lower than 70 degrees Fahrenheit) to enjoy fly fishing. And that’s just not true.

The Trophy Snag

To the untrained eye, this piece of wood simply looks like a decorative landscape accent.

Western Drift Boats in the Fall

There is a lot of great fishing to be had in the fall, but if I had to pick one of my favorites it would be drifting a big, Western river.

Bring on Fall… and the Pike Fishing!

Depending on where you live, you might already be feeling a slight nip in the air, a sure harbinger that autumn is just around the corner. I know that’s certainly true where I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and I hear much the same from my friends in northern states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The Shocking Truth

As my family continues the quest for the perfect boat, we have reflected on some fun boating memories. I have been on the water in an assortment of vessels and, as strange as it may sound, a significant part of my boating experience has been on a “shock boat.” In fact, I met (caught?) my wife electro fishing.

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