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8 Outdoor Activities near You during COVID-19

It is a challenge to stay active and find outdoor activities to do with your family. Find some ideas on how to stay healthy and active, keeping your kids entertained while socially distancing and following local recommendations...

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Rubbermaid Containers: Make A ‘Family Boat’ a ‘Fishing Boat’

I grew up the only serious fisherman in a family of water skiers, and I learned quickly that the surest way to be considered the angling “black sheep” is to leave loose fishing gear in a boat that wasn’t designed specifically for fishing.

Fishy Pictures

In an attempt to preserve the moment, and one’s reputation as an angler, a camera is a must for any fishing trip.

This Summer, Get Your Kids Cranked Up About Fishing

After a long hard year in school, kids want a break.  Fishing is a perfect release, particularly if you don’t turn into summer school.

Tips for Grasshopper Fly Fishing

Just because the hot days of summer signal that the mayfly season is mostly behind us doesn’t mean that fly fishing has entered the “doldrums.”  In fact, I’d say things are just about to get really good.

Wall Worthy

To catch an exceptionally large fish is an amazing feat.  Unfortunately, due to the customary stereotype that anglers tend to exaggerate the size of their catches, providing proof can be a challenge as well.

Slip Sliding Away

It’s rare to find a boat ramp in perfect condition.  Concrete cracks and breaks apart with hot and cold temperature changes.  Wooden ramps are no better, and they ultimately rot and chip.  Any boater knows that if you add algae or seaweed a ramp can be as slippery as ice.

Fishing Strategies for the Dog Days of Summer

As the heat wave envelops most of the country, a lot of us would rather jump in the lake or river than go fishing there.

Fishing Shoes

When one of my fishing buddies was a bachelor, I helped him move several times.  Amazingly, his possessions consisted of little more than half-empty containers of brown mustard and dozens of pairs of shoes.

Topwater Fishing

I bet that more and bigger fish are caught deep in the water column, but to me, none are as exciting as those caught on the surface.

Wading Safety 101

There’s something special about standing knee-deep in a river as you fish.  But wading can be tricky, and sometimes downright dangerous

Little Bait Shops

It is easy to understand why Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas are popular destinations. It may take most of the day, but one can wander through a fantastic, wide selection of boats and fishing tackle and the kids can ogle at massive blue catfish and spotted gar in aquariums containing thousands of gallons of water.

Simplify Your Launch

Having spent a lot of my life around fresh and saltwater boat ramps, I’ve never gotten used to the cussin’, the spittin’, and the fightin’ that oftentimes comes with getting a boat off of the trailer and in the water.

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