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5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Fish

Sharing a love of fishing with youngsters is noble and enjoyable. You don’t need to be a professional angler or an expert guide to plant seeds of fishing interest that can be cultivated for a lifetime.  Whether you’re hitting the water with a son or daughter, a grandchild, the neighbor kid, or any other fishing newbie (and thank you for doing so) keep these five simple tips in mind.

Fish Guilds

B.A.S.S. is an acronym for “Bass Anglers’ Sportsman Society.” With a membership of over 500,000, B.A.S.S. is one of the largest angling groups in the United States and is dedicated to the promotion and conservation of the sport fishery involving the fish of its namesake, bass (generally largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted.)

Take Me Fishing, Redux

My son has two friends who are brothers named Mark and Matt. Mark is the elder and he is 14. Their dad Mike has taken them fishing with him since they were old enough to walk.

Saltwater Fishing—How to Get Started

Saltwater fishing offers a huge array of angling opportunity… wide open spaces, abundant (often large) sport fish species, and technical challenges among them.

One Teaspoon of Protection

Artist David Horton is always prepared when we go fishing. His multiple tackle boxes are neatly sorted and organized. All fishing equipment is well maintained, clean, and ready. And he always has his vanilla.

Fishing Tip: Slow Down for Success

As a fishing writer, I’ve been fortunate to cast along with many great anglers.  While everyone has their own tips and tricks, the one common trait I notice among the best fishermen and fisherwomen—from the bass lakes, to the trout rivers, to the saltwater flats—is that none of them ever fish like they’re in a hurry.

Get ‘Em in the Boat

A lot of time, effort and preparation go into catching trophy fish.  We scout our terrain, put time in on the water, study weather patterns, and ultimately arrive at a plan.

Easy Cleanup Bait

According to Keith Sutton who was Executive Director of the Future Fisherman Foundation, (which creates and assists a variety of programs for hands-on fishing experiences for children) and author of several books on fishing for catfish.

Gunkholing in a Kayak

The word “gunkholing” means cruising in shallow waters with a wide variety of shallow-draft boats.  Day sailors, dinghies, jon boats, and canoes are some of the popular hulls that can get into the skinniest of waters.

Do Bright Colors Matter When You Fish?

The beauty of fishing is that there are no exact right or wrong answers, only theories and ideas.

No Snow Cones in Fishing

When my son’s little league baseball game was finally over the other night, he asked if he could stay and watch a bit of the next game.  When I explained our loitering to the Stillwater Parks and Recreation supervisor, he smiled and said, “No better place for a kid to be.”

Moms Fishing with Kids

Motherhood occupies a special place in the world and it is somewhere between winning a gold medal and sainthood.  Juggling a career with parenthood is difficult enough.

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