August 2011

My Banana Split

Years ago when I was setting up a marlin trip out of Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, my guide warned, “And NO bananas!”

Angling for Carp

More than ever before, Americans are discovering the exciting world of sport-fishing for carp. It’s not difficult to understand why.

Casting with the Wind

I’ve had some of my best fishing days when the wind has been blowing hard.  It never ceases to amaze me that though I can’t cast very far into a strong headwind, the fish oftentimes wind up right at my feet.

Fish Photo 101

We all love to snap photographs of our favorite fishing moments. What better memento of a great experience on the water than an image of you and the one that didn’t get away?

Just Get There

While channel surfing the other evening, I stumbled across a show called “Bait Car.”  This was NOT the bait-related fishing show I had hoped to see.  (However, it did bring back some memories.)

Put ‘Em Back Right

Nothing beats a dinner of fresh fish, but with many anglers practicing catch-and-release, here are some tips that will help fish survive to fight another day.  

On Angling Etiquette…

I’m often asked about angling etiquette. It’s an important topic, because how anglers interact with each other often dictates the quality of the overall fishing experience for everyone.

A Strapping Lad

While visiting Pennsylvania recently, I noticed something that might cause a touch of concern for boat owners: frequent sightings of vehicles towing empty boat trailers.

Gas-Saving Tips for Boaters

As gas prices at the pump hover around the $4.00/gallon mark, I’m glad I keep my boat on a trailer.  Out here in Massachusetts it costs $5.50/gallon to fuel up my boat at the gas dock.

Beat the Heat (and Crowds) with a Float Tube

My favorite way to fish in the month of August is from a float tube or personal watercraft. Why? Well there are several reasons, really…

Keep it in the yard

Everyone loves water. Clean water. And we want to protect it.  As anglers and boaters, we recognize the importance of water quality and preservation.

All Hands on Deck

I smiled as I watched a grandmother and her granddaughter prepare for a sail.  They were trying to get their sailboat on the water in the midst of a very busy harbor.

Rubbermaid Containers: Make A ‘Family Boat’ a ‘Fishing Boat’

I grew up the only serious fisherman in a family of water skiers, and I learned quickly that the surest way to be considered the angling “black sheep” is to leave loose fishing gear in a boat that wasn’t designed specifically for fishing.

Fishy Pictures

In an attempt to preserve the moment, and one’s reputation as an angler, a camera is a must for any fishing trip.

Purchase a Fishing License