Just Get There

A surprisingly good fishing vehicle, back in the salad days.

While channel surfing the other evening, I stumbled across a show called “Bait Car.”  This was NOT the bait-related fishing show I had hoped to see.  (However, it did bring back some memories.)

Unless you are very lucky, transportation of some sort often is required to reach a fishing destination. Before I was able to buy a truck, my fishing vehicle was a Chevrolet Lumina. It had a giant trunk that could accommodate a massive amount of tackle.  According to one sales consultant at #1 Brookville Chevrolet in Brookville, Pennsylvania, today I would have a difficult time finding any sedan that could match the ample storage under the front seats like my Lumina offered. Sometimes (before I was married), even I was surprised with what I found under there back in the day.  (A-hem)

Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Boyd Duckett owned a 1959 Johnson boat before he owned a vehicle.  Pro angler Skeet Reese used to drive an old truck; now he travels in this yellow and black beast.  And you have to love the hilarious Gerald Swindle (another Bassmaster Elite Series Pro) who recalled as a kid arriving at the lake with his fishing rod in a PVC pipe and duct tape rod holder strapped to the handlebars of his BMX bike.

Skeet’s Ride

If you look closely, there is a fishing net in the back. Is this Infinity a “bait car?”
So how do you get to your fishing destination?
Andy Whitcomb

Andy Whitcomb

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