August 2012

How to Turn Your Phone Into a Boating Safety Kit

When planning a trip out on the water, most typically start their checklist with the basics: fishing license, spinning rod, bait-casting rod, back-up rod, bait, snacks, sunscreen, nautical maps, tide chart, GPS, lucky ball cap and life jackets.

Our National Parks Are Gifts for All Anglers

What a tremendous gift our forefathers gave when they set aside America’s National Parks.

True Blue?

The blue catfish is legendary for its tremendous size.

Yes We Have No Bananas

I live on Baker Road in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

Take Someone Fishing

The other day, several of us were sitting on the tailgate after an evening of fishing.

Is the Sling the Next Thing?

I recently attended the International Fly Tackle Dealer trade show in Reno, Nevada, where manufacturers of fly fishing products showed off the wares they plan to sell next year.

Don’t be Koi with me.

During a recent fishing trip to a small city lake, my son spied something orange in the water, suspended under a tree limb.

Old School Boating with The Baymen

I was recently talking with a friend who lamented that he wasn’t catching many fish because he didn’t have a big, offshore boat.

Fond of Fiberglass

The other day I dusted off an old favorite fly rod, took it fishing, and couldn’t help but wonder why I had neglected it for as long as I had.

How to Lose Fish

Fishing and boating shows and expos can be found all around the country at various times of the year. 

Top 8 State Parks for Boating and Fishing

With roughly 365 million trillion gallons of water on our planet, it can be difficult to decide where’s best to drop anchor and throw out a line.

Fishing and Boating Weathervanes

Sometimes we just can’t get enough of fishing and boating.

Tips for Fishing Clear Water

Many lakes and rivers throughout the country are at the lowest and clearest they will be all year.

Park It

According to the National Association of State Park Directors, there are over 6000 state parks across the country.

Toothy Critters

The bluefish arrived in full force the other day.

The Midseason Clean

Now that we’ve reached August, many of us are right in the thick of our fishing seasons.

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