August 2013

Last Licks for Labor Day?

If September 21st is the actual first day of fall, Labor Day is viewed as the end of summer. 

The Hatch may be Open.

“That’s a big mosquito!” a boy in the crowd said.

4 Things to Remember When Choosing Saltwater Fishing Line

In order to select the best type of saltwater fishing line to use in the backwaters or on the flats, you'll want to do a bit of preliminary research on the species, area, and conditions.

Unexpected Summer Fun

We live on the Lake Michigan coast, within a stone’s throw of dozens of beautiful, popular state parks.

Raise the Rafters

Have you ever built a raft?

The Secrets to Summer Redfish Success

It's hard to rival the sight of tailing redfish as they push through the grass flats on a summer morning in South Florida… unless you count the experience of sight casting to a large school and then bringing one of these copper-colored beauties to the boat.

Life Lessons Kids Can Learn from Fishing

I live in a house with six males. SIX. That’s a lot of testosterone. That’s a lot of energy.

Trolling, trolling, trolling… Walleye!

Trolling, for those unfamiliar, is a type of fishing you do without casting.

Five Hot Fishing Spots in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is many things to many people, but only locals think of Tinseltown as a place to catch fish.

Tips for Finding a Good Spot to Saltwater Fish from Shore

Shore fishing is one of the best types of fishing for families and beginning anglers.

Pelagic Fish

As the fishing season moves from spring to summer, the Gulf Stream pushes closer to shore.

Top Shot

In general, I am not much for surprises, but a jolt from a sudden topwater explosion, is certainly worth the price of admission.

5 Ways to Turn Fishing into a Learning Experience for Kids

Every time you take a kid fishing, you have the opportunity to teach them fundamental fishing skills and lessons that they can use for years to come.

Time to hit the Flats

As with a lot of fishing there are different schools of thought for fishing flats.

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