The 10 Days of Fishmas

OK, OK… so we’re a little behind, so we’re going to start at 10. Let’s face it; we’ve been pretty busy dreaming about warmer weather. But the Take Me Fishing™ elves are finally here to share with you the top 10 gift ideas for the fisherman (or fisherwoman) and boater in your life as suggested by different bloggers and websites.

We hope you’ll find some inspiration in the ideas below and be sure to get out on the water when things warm up a bit (that is, unless you’re planning an ice fishing trip)!

#10 – (From The Hundred Little Drama’s list) Sometimes, less is more. It’s winter, so for a majority of us that means it is COLD outside! Keep your angler warm by stuffing their stocking with something they’ll eventually stuff in their own stockings (or gloves) – hand and feet warmers! You can pick them up almost anywhere and they are a cheap and easy gift for any outdoorsman.

#9 – (From BoatSafe) Safety starts even before boating begins so why not consider a gift designed to keep boaters and anglers safe? This year consider a safe boating reference set. It’s laminated to withstand the elements and full of useful info for both rookie and veteran boaters. We happen to agree with the old saying, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

#8 – (From A Reel Lady’s list) If your angler just happens to be a woman (be proud, ladies!), don’t overlook the hook. Hook jewelry, that is. Sound strange? It’s not. There are many different brands and handmade varieties out there that are just beautiful.  Simply scour the internet for “fish hook jewelry.” You’ll be amazed by what you find and she’ll be amazed by your taste!

#7 – (From Windknots & Tangled Lines’ list) Nothing beats a classic. Consider casting a well-made Bamboo rod under the tree this year. Find out your fisherman’s favorite brand, length and line weights – then track down a (knowledgeable) salesperson and you’re all set!

#6 – (From The River Damsel’s list) If your fisherwoman isn’t into jewelry, a nice pair of women’s waders might do!  We know, we know. When they’re too big they don’t always get the job done right. Well fear not. They’re out there – in her size! All you’ve gotta do is look.

#5 – (From SavvyBoater) Tucking your boat in for the winter usually means bringing out the canvas cover and going to work. But what can you do to fight mold and mildew? We’re glad you asked! Consider picking up a compact air dryer to help control the inside temperature preventing the growth of mold and mildew. It’s not the most glamorous gift, but come spring you’ll be pretty happy you had it!

#4 – (From Fishing Fury’s list) We live in a digital world these days. With the simple click of a button trophy catches or boating memories can be shared with pals from across the globe or posted on your Facebook page. If the outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) on your list doesn’t already have a digital camera, now’s the time to get them one! Look for the brands with great shutter speed (because clearly fish don’t pose) and consider those with underwater capabilities.

#3 – (This one’s our idea) Fish don’t come knocking on your front door hand delivering coordinates to their next gathering party. You have to be patient. You have to coast. You have to… have a tracking device. Fishfinders and water GPS are must-have gadgets that every angler will love. You can find them at most (if not all) of your favorite outdoor stores.

#2 – (From Discover Boating) While the perfect boating gift can be something different to everyone (see blog post), what do you get for the boater serious about fun? How about something that will get your outdoor adventurer’s adrenaline pumping like a tube or towable. They are available at several sporting goods stores and are perfect for enjoying an action-packed day on the water.

#1 – (From Journal of a Minnesota Angler’s list) A gift card to their favorite outdoor sports shop might very well be the best gift you can possibly give. Why? Because avid anglers are serious about their gear. So, instead of taking a chance this holiday season go with a sure thing and let the fisherman (or woman) reel in their own prize.

Happy Holidays from your friends at!

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Stephanie Vatalaro

Stephanie Vatalaro

Stephanie Vatalaro is vice president of communications for the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation and its Take Me Fishing and Vamos A Pescar campaigns where she works to recruit newcomers to recreational fishing and boating and increase awareness of aquatic conservation. Stephanie grew up in the Florida Keys as the daughter of a flats fishing guide. Outside of work, you can find her fishing and boating with her family on the Potomac River in the Northern Neck of Virginia.