December 2011

Working with the Wind

Every boater and angler has a relationship with the wind. Sometimes it’s a love-hate relationship. A sailor, for instance, leaps for joy when there’s a stiff wind. It’s what we wait for, that tell-tale snap when a boat comes about and a canvas sail snaps to attention.

Tips for The Catch-and-Release Trout Angler

Releasing a trout after you catch it is no guarantee that the fish will live to fight another day. In fact, research has shown that mortality rates can be more than five percent, and a lot of that is caused by improper handling of trout after they are caught.

What is your favorite fishing show?

Sometimes just a slight change in the presentation can make the difference and really turn on the bite.

Split Rings

Looking for a fun project this winter that will set up a successful spring fishing season? How about changing out your hooks?

Oh Christmas Reef

Fish structure doesn’t just concentrate fish for angler success; the extra underwater surface area cultivates algae and plankton, starting the food chain and increasing the productivity of the entire system.

Give the Gift of Fishing

If you’re like me, you’re probably scrambling around trying to find those last minute holiday gifts. Here’s an idea that works for anyone, doesn’t cost much at all, and will be remembered and appreciated for a long, long time.

A Kayak Ain’t Just a Kayak

I remember the first kayak I ever saw, and it was on a black and white television set.  A man sat in a long, sleek boat that wrapped around his torso on top of a rock cliff overlooking a deep pool.  

Chocolate Bobbers

We had just begun to decorate the Christmas tree, when it struck me – “it” being a rather heavy Santa Claus fishing ornament.

A New Version of Sporting Art: Cliff Casey

We fishermen tinker and tweak to get things right.  When we get going on a mission to modify gear to our specific needs, everything is under review

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