Give the Gift of Fishing

If you’re like me, you’re probably scrambling around trying to find those last minute holiday gifts. Here’s an idea that works for anyone, doesn’t cost much at all, and will be remembered and appreciated for a long, long time.

Give the gift of fishing.

Sure, a rod, a reel, a special lure, or even a box of flies might be on many wish lists. But you don’t have to spend money on actual merchandise to make fishing a holiday gift.

Simply take out a note card and make a “voucher.” Or you can even print out a coupon from this link right here.

“I promise to take ________________ for a full day of fishing within the next year. I can’t make any promises about the weather, or how much we will catch. But I can promise to share a great experience, answer any questions you have, help out as much as I can, and if we catch a big one… I’ll take the pictures.”

As I reflect on the year past, I inevitably find myself wishing I’d gotten out on the water with more friends and family members. Putting it in writing makes a holiday gift and New Year’s resolution, all at once.

The beauty of the gift of fishing, is that it can be for anyone—a child or grandchild, a spouse, a neighbor, or work colleague. Young, old, male, or female, one size fits all. The “colors” are always perfect. It works in any language. Even if the gift recipient has been fishing before (even if they’re a die-hard angler), you can rest assured that no two fishing adventures are the same, and that you’re giving a unique gift. And the memories last a whole lot longer than anything that comes in a box wrapped with shiny papers and ribbons.

Of course, the real beauty of the gift of fishing is that it’s good for our sport. The more we share fishing with others, the more we ensure that this pastime is paid forward, the more people who care about our fish and resources, and so forth.

Actually, when you think about it, if you’re really lucky, maybe this is the type of present that will be “re-gifted” to others down the line. What’s the last present you gave with the hope that it will be re-gifted?

Heck, even the naughty ones on my list deserve a little fishing. If we all found even one person to give the gift of fishing, the holiday season would be merry indeed.

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Kirk Deeter

Kirk Deeter

Kirk Deeter is an editor-at-large with Field & Stream, and he co-wrote The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing with the late Charlie Meyers.