December 2013

4 Fishing Resolutions to Keep in the Coming Year

Every 365 days most of us go through the process of evaluating what we plan to improve upon or what we resolve to do differently as a new year begins.

6 Best Fly Fishing Knots for Beginners and Why They Matter

When you first start learning about fly-fishing, it can seem a bit intimidating — especially if you are accustomed to the world of traditional spinning gear.

Silent or Jingle?

For the last few weeks, entrances to stores have been a little noisier than usually with holiday bell ringers.

Learn to Fly Cast

A long time ago, outdoor writers used a variety of ways to explain the principals of fly casting.

The Squirrel Tail

A very long time ago my 6th grade teacher and coach found out I was beginning to fly fish.

Can You Cast “Art?”

There are some good looking lures out there.

5 Winter Fishing Gear Maintenance Tips

Most all of us cringe when it comes time to store our treasured possessions for any length of time.

Need More Cowbell?

Stealth is often an essential component to a successful fishing trip, especially on a boat.  When we think we are near the fish, we shut off the gas motor, lower the electric trolling motor, and speak in hushed tones.

Top Ice Fishing Tips from the Pro

Ice fishing is a whole lot more than skating or sitting on a bucket waiting for a fish to bite.

First Fish Stories

My kids love everything related to water.

10 Things You Need to Tie Your First Fly

We all get bummed when snowy, windy or rainy days put a damper on our fishing plans, but these types of days create the perfect opportunity to learn how to tie flies.

Finding Spots to Drill a Hole

Folks who don’t ice fish think that there is nothing more to the sport than going out on the ice, drilling a hole, and catching fish.

A Fine Line

There is a wide range of fishing line strengths folks can use when bass fishing.

3 Easy Places to Practice Fly Casting

Whether you're a beginner fly angler or have been fly fishing for years, chances are pretty good that you've hooked someone or something on your back cast at least once.

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