February 2011

What a Weekend!

We were thrilled with the amount of interest that our new digital resources generated at both shows.

We’ve Gone Mobile!

We want to let you in on a little secret. Are you ready for it? REALLY ready for it?  This week at the Bassmaster Classic and Miami International Boat Show, we will be unveiling our newest accomplishment: a fully integrated, user-friendly mobile version of our website!

Beating the Winter Blues: Saltwater Style

Here at the Take Me Fishing™ headquarters in the Washington, DC metro area, we’re lucky enough to be blessed with four distinctly different seasons to keep us constantly on our toes.

Bring on Spring!

I’ve got to admit, hearing that good ol’ Punxatawny Phil did NOT see his shadow this morning was the best news we’ve heard all year. For northern boaters especially, the sooner Spring appears, the sooner we can all get back out on the water!

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