February 2012

What Makes a Great Fishing Guide?

Every spring, I get a handful of notes from young men and women who have decided they want to try to be a fishing guide, and are looking for advice on where to start.

Find the Lure before It Finds You

I just returned from the Bassmaster Classic, which was held in Shreveport, LA.

Funny Fish

One time in the fall I walked down to the back side of a cove near my house.

Five Easy Tips to Help You Be a Better Fly Caster

My favorite type of fishing is fly fishing, though I honestly love it all.

Don’t Pass on the Bass Class

I am currently attending the “Bass Fishing Techniques” course offered by Rose State College, along with about 135 other avid anglers. 

It’s all in a Nickname

Sometimes it’s tough to figure out just what the heck a fisherman is talking about. 

Some Fishing Trivia (And a Little Perspective)

Did you know that tarpon can live 80 years or more?

Off The Hook

Perhaps the two most important components of fishing are, first, the hook set and second, getting the sharp thing back out.

Fish Spotting

In a lot of fishing applications we spend our time fishing in water where we can’t see what’s going on. 

Defy the Groundhog

I have a love-hate relationship with Punxsutawney Phil.

Bling it on!

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and for The Wise that means you had better get off the water for a little bit and pick up something nice for your significant other.


My early fishing life was spent roaming around ponds, reservoirs and streams that I could reach by bicycle.

Must a Fish Be Huge to Be a Trophy?

The words “trophy fish” are synonymous with “big fish” these days.

Purchase a Fishing License