February 2013

Boat Shoes: Good Casting Starts with Firm Footing

Legendary bass pro Gary Klein once told me that fish tend to be a lot dumber than the angler at the other end of a long cast.

All This From Fish

It was easy to get caught up in the drama of last weekend’s 2013 Bassmaster Classic in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Stock Up, the Season is Right Around the Corner

I love going in to tackle shops this time of year. 

Trophy Room

You’ve done it. Landed a whopper. Not something merely for the frying pan; a true trophy fish. Now what?

How to Find (and Fix) Pinhole Leaks in Waders

Nothing will “dampen” (and I mean that literally) the start of a fishing season quicker than jumping in an icy river and discovering that your waders leak.

Fishing Companion, Will You Be Mine?

As bizarre as it may sound, not all significant others are as into fishing as you or me.

Wahoo! (The Most Appropriately Named Fish in the World)

Every blue water fishing experience is exciting for me. 

Go Hard or Go Home

A long time ago it was common for my football coach to get complaints from me and my teammates during our summer two-a-days. 

Take Me Fishing…Again!

Taking kids fishing can be a ticklish situation, especially if the bait crickets escape enroute.

A Look Back

When you speak with most tournament ice anglers, they share stories of growing up in the ice belt, setting up tip-ups for pike, and sitting in a converted camper trailer with their fathers, grandfathers or uncles jigging and listening to fish tales.

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