Discover Your Inner Child; Spend Time with Your Real Ones.

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to spend more time with your family this year?  If it was, we may have just the ticket.

There are only a few days left to enter Take Me Fishing™ and Discovery Education’s Explore the Blue Essay Contest.  What does this have to do with spending time with your family?  Well, everything!  And not just for the winner of the contest (who, I should mention, gets a FREE all expenses paid family trip to Yellowstone National Park along with other useful goodies).

The essay must be submitted by a parent or guardian of a child in grades K-5.  Writing and entering this essay could be an absolutely wonderful way to spend a cold day indoors together, reminiscing together about your favorite boating or fishing experience.  You can also enter a photo to enhance your entry, and who doesn’t enjoy flipping through the family photo album together and laughing about all the memories?

So in between the homework and the basketball practice and the piano lessons and the grocery shopping, wrangle the kids together, order a pizza (or salad if your other resolution was to get in shape…)  and tell us the best story you’ve got.  You’ll earn some quality time together and you just may win yourselves a vacation to Yellowstone!

But don’t delay – the contest ends January 31 (that’s just a little more than one week away!) so dig out those photo albums today!  When you’re finished, be sure to check out all the other wonderful things we’re offering along with Discovery through the the Explore the Blue website in an effort to inspire the next generation of boaters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts to step outside and discover all that nature has to offer. You’ll find information on more than 12,000 places to boat and fish, local services, activities and events, and the array of aquatic wildlife in your area.  You can even take a virtual underwater field trip, keep an online boating journal and play a variety of exciting games.  There is definitely something there for the entire family to enjoy.

Have fun!
Stephanie Vatalaro

Stephanie Vatalaro

Stephanie Vatalaro is vice president of communications for the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation and its Take Me Fishing and Vamos A Pescar campaigns where she works to recruit newcomers to recreational fishing and boating and increase awareness of aquatic conservation. Stephanie grew up in the Florida Keys as the daughter of a flats fishing guide. Outside of work, you can find her fishing and boating with her family on the Potomac River in the Northern Neck of Virginia.