January 2012

Show Me the Boats!

We have been on a continuing quest for the perfect family boat.

Just a little bit more

There is something deep in our angling soul that motivates us to try and reach water that we traditionally have not been able to reach.

Teaching Kids Fishing: It Isn’t All About “Catching”

There’s no denying that feeling that “tug” is what turns kids on to fishing.

How the States got their Angling Shapes

South Carolina and now Florida have been especially newsworthy states over the last couple of weeks.

2012 - My Year of Waters Unexplored

Many years ago, more than I care to admit, I drove to my favorite trout stream.

Winter Fishing Project: Clean and Organize Your Vest (or Pack)

It’s the dead of winter, and for many of us trout fishers, that means spending more time in the warm indoors than making casts in the great outdoors.

The Bait Fridge

Appliances such as the trolling motor, depth finder, and bilge pump receive most of the attention from anglers and boaters.

Five Wintry Fishing Hotspots in the United States

The weather has turned cold in many places throughout the country, but that doesn’t mean the fishing action has to slow down.

Safe Boating

My kids are getting to the age where they are ready to learn how to skipper our boats.

Reel Social

Try as we might, we just can’t fish and boat all the time.

Wooden Boats

One hot summer’s day I putted around the harbor in my fiberglass skiff.

Picking Polarized Glasses: Factors to Keep an Eye On

Short of a rod, reel, and lure or fly, I’d say the polarized glasses I wear are my most important gear consideration.

The Purpose-Driven Lure

I believe in the lure I throw. And fully expect every cast to be a fish.

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