The Bait Fridge

Appliances such as the trolling motor, depth finder, and bilge pump receive most of the attention from anglers and boaters. However, not everyone appreciates chilled bait next to the celery. And you will only make the mistake of tracking down the announcement from forgotten bait odor in the house refrigerator — once.

When our old refrigerator began to make some strange noises, it was assigned a new set of duties in the garage. Now there is always a healthy supply of bait for whatever might be biting. There is a small tub of leeches for walleye and northern pike, mealworms to tip a jig under a bobber for steelhead, plus night crawlers for bluegill, drum, walleye, bullheads, and well, just about anything else.

Even with all of this bait, there is still plenty of room for chilled beverages and because the freezer still works, chicken liver and cut shad for a future catfish outing peacefully co-exist next to the popsicles.

Not only is the bait fridge “bachelor-friendly,” but it can also be a marriage-friendly appliance as well. I’m just saying.

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Andy Whitcomb

Andy Whitcomb

Andy Whitcomb is a columnist, outdoor humorist, and stressed-out Dad. He says there are “people who fish”… and there are “fishermen”.  One of the few things he knows is that he is a “fisherman”...  To the point it could be classified as borderline illness.  Sharing this obsession is rewarding, therapeutic. He likes to encourage people to “stop and smell the crappie."  Enjoys catching fish, but gets a greater thrill out of helping someone else hook up.
Born in Florida, but raised on the banks of Oklahoma farm ponds. Now relocated to western Pennsylvania. He has fished, worked, lived all around the US.  He has a B.S. in Zoology from Oklahoma State as well...
And he met his wife while electrofishing. He has been contributing weekly to since 2011.