January 2013

New Species, New Spots

Part of me likes catching the same old fish in the same old spots.

Fishing for Sharks

The thing about fishing for sharks is that the more you catch them, the more you respect them for their beauty and grace, as much as their mouthfuls of teeth. 

A Better Superbowl

My Steelers did not even make the playoffs, so the upcoming Superbowl is of little interest this year.

Fly Tying with Kids

I will never forget the first fish I caught on a dry fly that I tied.

Fishing and Outdoor Show Season in Full Swing

Being stuck in the grips of winter is certainly no reason to stop thinking about fishing. 

The Grand Pause

One of the best winter bass lures is the jerkbait.

Clean up your Plugs…and add a Twist

Winter is a perfect time to work on your plugs that have been beaten up by rocks, reefs, and, with luck, lots of fish. 

Repurpose for the Purpose of Fishing

One way to combat symptoms of cabin fever is to organize your fishing tackle.

Bold in the Cold

Winter fishing in the Northern reaches traditionally has been through the ice. 

Freshwater Versus Saltwater Fly Fishing: The Fight

A longer fly rod can offer tremendous advantages when it comes to fighting fish. 

Let it Glow

As a kid, some of my favorite toys possessed the magical ability to glow in the dark.

Beat the Winter Blues with a Boating and Fishing Show

Ok, New Year’s Day is over. 

Packing for Fishing Air Travel

Flying off to fish can be very rewarding, as it affords anglers great opportunities to expand their horizons and experience things they might not encounter on their home waters.

He Who Smelt It

There is an old saying that “sometimes less is more.”

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