January 2014

Chris Lane on Fishing with His Kids

As I mentioned in my earlier earlier blog the “Super Bowl” of fishing is taking place this week. I’m here in attendance and I see families everywhere! Some experienced anglers, some brand new to fishing.

6 Ice Fishing Tips from Tournament Pro Jack Baker

Once you have started to ice fish the mystery of the search and the thrill of the catch tends to get in your blood.

Old Ice Holes

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel.  Or in this case, a circular hole in the ice. Winter’s fish portal.

6 Ways to Be Safer When Ice Fishing

Chances are pretty good that if you’ve started to read this blog post, you’re one of the many sportsmen or sportswomen who love being outdoors year-round…

Destination Fishing in the Winter

Here is a picture of what one of my many fishing spots looks like this time of year.

4 Places to Go Ice Fishing in Wisconsin

Although Wisconsin is often referred to as “America’s Dairyland,” the winter fishing opportunities found in this Midwestern state shouldn’t be overshadowed by the amount of cheese curds it produces

Breaking the Ice

Are you curious about ice fishing?

Shanty Town

You’re likely to find a mixed bag of anglers and shanties when you head out on to the ice.

Keep Your Boat Ship Shape

Now that the Polar Vortex is in our rearview mirror, it’s time to give your boat a once over to make sure that the cold temperatures, high winds, snow, and ice hasn’t created problems.

Staples: Fishing Tackle Purchases

For the most part, my fishing tackle collection is set.

How Do Fish Keep From Freezing During Winter?

It's the middle of winter in the Northern United States and temperatures have been consistently below freezing for weeks.

4 Hot Spots for Winter Destination Fishing in Florida

The sidewalk needs shoveling again, your car has been taking 20 minutes to warm up and you're tired of piling on seven layers of clothes before opening the front door.

Cold Winter, Hot Boats

There are a few things that make me depressed this time of year. The first is a harbor that is frozen solid.

Ice Fishing 101

Winter months, for some, entail trying to find something to do while staying warm indoors, but for ice anglers, it’s go time.

Water and Wildlife

Water attracts not only boaters and anglers, but wildlife as well.  Among my sightings last year were an otter munching on crayfish, a family of black bears, and a fawn swimming in the Allegheny River. Experiences like this certainly make an outing memorable, whether the fish are biting or not.


There are enough rivers and streams in Western Pennsylvania without ice during the winter that my regular fishing tackle refuses to store completely, preferring instead to stow for brief periods.

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