Wall Worthy

To catch an exceptionally large fish is an amazing feat.  Unfortunately, due to the customary stereotype that anglers tend to exaggerate the size of their catches, providing proof can be a challenge as well.

A photo helps but does not remove all size discrepancy.  Anglers frequently pose with their catches at arms’ length, thus distorting the perspective. The Snap Shot Ruler corrects that problem by allowing a vertical measurement with the weight in the same shot.

If you are lucky enough to preserve the moment in a photo, skewed or not, then what? Carry it around, hoping someone will ask you about your latest fishing adventure? That could take a while. Post it online? Then you run the risk of a Photoshop savvy viewer tampering with the results. (I’ll try to show an example of this next week.) Perhaps the true test of the catch photo is the time-honored tradition of whether or not it is deemed bait-shop-wall-worthy.

In bait and tackle shops all across the country, photographs of grinning anglers are displayed, no doubt spurring on more excitement, dreams, and fathead minnow sales. Walk into Derick’s Bait and Tackle in Manhattan, Kansas and you’ll see Aaron Carpenter (red t-shirt) on the wall holding a massive flathead catfish.

“It feels good to have my fish pictures on the wall,” Aaron understated through a flathead-sized grin. Once an aspiring chef, Aaron likes to bring home fillets for the table and I often hear of his success with crappie and channel catfish too.

Maybe someday I will make it big… on a bait shop wall.  Have you made it?

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Andy Whitcomb

Andy Whitcomb

Andy Whitcomb is a columnist, outdoor humorist, and stressed-out Dad. He says there are “people who fish”… and there are “fishermen”.  One of the few things he knows is that he is a “fisherman”...  To the point it could be classified as borderline illness.  Sharing this obsession is rewarding, therapeutic. He likes to encourage people to “stop and smell the crappie."  Enjoys catching fish, but gets a greater thrill out of helping someone else hook up.
Born in Florida, but raised on the banks of Oklahoma farm ponds. Now relocated to western Pennsylvania. He has fished, worked, lived all around the US.  He has a B.S. in Zoology from Oklahoma State as well...
And he met his wife while electrofishing. He has been contributing weekly to www.takemefishing.org since 2011.