July 2012

Follow that Duck!

Much of the United States is dealing with a brutal heat wave; known here in Oklahoma as “summer.” Anglers, and fish, compensate for triple-digit daytime temperatures by utilizing the cooler windows of mornings and evenings.

Keep Calm and Hit the Water

For the 48 percent of Americans that lie awake at night restless from the stress of their day, relief may be closer than they think.

Shark Week! Blue Sharks on the Fly

Back in the mid 1990’s I made a video (remember those?) with my friend Jon Perette.

10 American Rivers With a Bright Future

We hear a lot these days about threatened rivers—waters that are in peril as fisheries and recreational resources.

Put IN

Recently, my family canoed several miles of the Clarion River in Western Pennsylvania.

Some thoughts on leaders and tippets…

I’m going to stick with my “July on the fly” theme and talk about an often overlooked aspect of fly fishing, and that is tippet and leader selection.

Lure Testing Facilities

In an angler’s continuing quest to “think like a fish,” we carefully examine lures at the tackle shop.


I’m not sure why but it took me so long to start using dropper rigs.

Teaching Tip: Play Fish (Literally)

When we’re teaching others to fish (especially kids), we spend plenty of time going over how to make the cast, how to pick a lure or bait, what to look for in terms of where to cast, and all that.

Bovines and Bass

Some great fishing can be found in remote ponds and streams that are way out in the country, often on farms or ranches.

Ode to the Woolly Bugger

I'm not very good at tying fancy fly patterns.

Ode to the Woolly Bugger

I’m not very good at tying fancy fly patterns. I’m fine with that,though, because I think some of the most effective flies are also the simplest.

Night Fishing

In one day the air temperatures jumped from 60 degrees during the day to the mid-90’s. 

Bass Thumb

One reason is bass are so popular is the magnificent bucket mouth handle, and the “Bass Thumb” that it creates.

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