How to Make a Family Fishing Brag Board

In today's digital age, we can easily share our fishing photos with friends and family through social media, but treasured memories that are captured on the water can also serve as great conversation pieces if they are part of your home décor. Remember the time you and your nephew caught that 8 lb bass while on summer vacation in Wisconsin? Don't just post that photo to your Facebook profile or ours, but let it serve as a piece of fishing artwork that will evoke smiles for years to come by adding it to your own fishing brag board. Brag boards are easy to make and you can get the kids involved by asking them to contribute photos of their favorite catches.

Here are instructions on how to create your own family fishing brag board

Materials needed: Picture frame (antique or rustic-looking frames are ideal), cork board, 10 to 12 small-diameter nails, picture hanging wire, push pins, and an assortment of fishing photos collected from family and friends.

  1. Find or buy a picture frame (size 24x30" or 24x36" will work well).

  2. Measure a piece of corkboard to fit inside of the picture frame.


  3. Cut corkboard to fit the frame, if necessary, using a rotary cutter.


  4. Hammer in the small-diameter nails to keep the corkboard secured to the frame.

  5. Ask each family member to contribute at least one photo to the brag board (it's helpful to write dates, size of fish, species and where caught on the back). Gather or print out about 30 of your favorites in various sizes.

  6. Use one centered picture hanging hook or two small eye hooks to screw into the back and hang with picture hanging wire.

  7. Use push pins in fun colors or shapes to pin your fishing photos to the board and it's complete!

Once you place the brag board in a prominent area of your house or cabin, just be prepared to listen closely as family members talk about the fish tales behind the photos. Kindly let them know that the fishing brag board photos don't lie, even though anglers do have tendency stretch the truth.

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Debbie Hanson

Debbie Hanson

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