June 2013

Lessons Learned on the Ladies Summer Snook Fishing Trip

The first day of summer had arrived, and along with it, some of the best inshore snook fishing to be experienced in Southwest Florida.

Tips on Fish Cleaning and Handling

The big one is in the boat.

Go with the Flow

I’m a pond and small lake guy.

Tips for Fishing with your Kids from Angler David Walker

Team Evinrude Angler David Walker stopped by to share some insights on fishing with his kids.

Saltwater Dropper Rigs

Dropper rigs are standard operating procedures for trout bums, but they are relatively uncommon in the salt.

“Propellers Need Not Apply”

Local Allegheny River angler Joe Stefanacci learned I was new to the area and was kind enough to offer a boat ride.

Launch Ramp Etiquette

Boating is fun. Fishing is fun. And the combination is outstanding.

Father’s Day Suggestions

I don’t know about you, but it is tough to buy gifts for my Dad.

Everglades National Park

For whatever reason it’s easy to think of a national park as being land based.

Take Me Fishing….My Kids

One of the parts that I like about fishing is the camaraderie of hitting the water with my pals.

Bluegill Bonanza

There are sunfish that grow larger and there are sunfish with “gills” that streak bluer.

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