Father’s Day Suggestions

I don’t know about you, but it is tough to buy gifts for my Dad. Chances are, he already has one or he does not need anything else cluttering up the tool bench. For me, my Dad introduced me to the wonders of fishing, and I’d like to return the favor with a fishing adventure for him. In fact, according to a 2013 nationwide survey, a family outing was named the best type of Father’s Day gift, beating out traditional sports tickets and power tools. Or if you prefer, maybe just a boating or fishing related gift. Here are some ideas to help you with June 16th.

  1. Does he own a boat? How about a BoatUS gift membership? Valuable services, savings, and benefits.

  2. Does he like reading about fishing? “The Blitz” by Pete McDonald is a fun romp of fly-fishing along the East Coast. Perhaps Dad has embraced technology and reads E-books on a tablet. Titles of books in electronic form can be found by Patrick McManus, Keith Sutton, or even by Take Me Fishing contributors: Tom Keer, Kirk Deeter, and Yours Truly.

  3. Is he into fishing art? Owl Jones has a bright, fun colorful style. Or there is Michael Stark’s marine, Polynesian influenced art. Fish replicas make great gifts too. All you need is a length and a photo of a fish.

  4. There are always some great new fishing lures for him to try. If you don’t want to go the grab bag route, perhaps there is a fitting gift basket.

  5. Another option is a subscription to the Mystery Tackle Box. What’s in it? Who knows?! But I’ve received several and each has had some awesome, useful goodies. Sure beats that Fruit of the Month club! (It is too late to have orders arrive in time for the 16th, but a gift certificate for a subscription can be ordered, printed, and presented to Dad.)

  6. Or just take him fishing. Especially for the kids, cut out this clever coupon and put it into his card, then plan your outing for that Sunday or the next.

Offer valid in every state. There is no expiration date. Fishing trip quantities are unlimited. Coupon may be matched by other relatives. See Mother for details.

Andy Whitcomb

Andy Whitcomb

Andy is an outdoor writer (http://www.justkeepreeling.com/) and stressed-out Dad has contributed over 380 blogs to takemefishing.org since 2011. Born in Florida, but raised on banks of Oklahoma farm ponds, he now chases pike, smallmouth bass, and steelhead in Pennsylvania. After earning a B.S. in Zoology from OSU, he worked in fish hatcheries and as a fisheries research technician at OSU, Iowa State, and Michigan State.