We Know You’re Ready, but is Your Equipment?

On Monday, we welcomed the first day of spring with open arms and, though official dates vary slightly from state to state, that means fishing season is almost here! Whether you’re an avid angler anxiously anticipating the moment you can cast your first line, or a novice looking to create new memories with your family, we know that YOU are ready and rearing to get out on the water. But is your equipment?

Remember, unless you’ve got a lifetime license, fishing licenses need to be renewed each year.  Every time you purchase a license, you’re helping to preserve our nation’s aquatic resources and the waters you fish. No matter your location, you can find information on how and where to purchase a license at TakeMeFishing.org.

Now that you’ve got your license taken care of, it’s time to ensure you’re properly equipped. In the “good old days,” that meant heading out to the stream with nothing more than a hook and string tied to a stick and a cardboard box filled with worms under your arm. These days, there is specific gear available for every method, making it easier to land your prize fish! Whether you’re freshwater, saltwater or fly fishing, TakeMeFishing.org has all of the how-to information you need on choosing the best gear that suits you and the fish you’re casting for.

Choosing equipment is not always a cut-and-dry process.  Even avid anglers like to switch things up from time to time. For example, it may take a bit of trial and error to choose the right lure for the right situation, and not every area of water or time of day will require the same type. Each lure has its own purpose, and is meant for different fish and different locations. It’s the same with bait, bobbers, rods and even reels.

Overall, it’s important to be equipped with the proper gear whether you’re heading out on a guided saltwater excursion or merely headed to the stream behind your home. Yet you also want to feel comfortable using your equipment and know that it’s working for you. That might be measured by the number of fish you catch or casts you repeat without snapping a line. It can also be measured by the way you (and your family and friends) feel about the experience itself. So as you’re choosing the gear that fits the type of fishing you’re going to do, remember to choose gear that fits your personality, too.

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Stephanie Vatalaro

Stephanie Vatalaro

Stephanie Vatalaro is vice president of communications for the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation and its Take Me Fishing and Vamos A Pescar campaigns where she works to recruit newcomers to recreational fishing and boating and increase awareness of aquatic conservation. Stephanie grew up in the Florida Keys as the daughter of a flats fishing guide. Outside of work, you can find her fishing and boating with her family on the Potomac River in the Northern Neck of Virginia.