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March 2012

The Things We Learn About Trout

With trout fishing in full swing I reached out to my friend Shannon Skelton for some not-so-common insights into trout.

Boating Safety Tip: Master The Throw Bag

You’re looking at the pieces of equipment that—aside from personal floatation devices—all boaters (and every angler who fishes from a boat) should know and understand.

Fin (the end)

Deciding when to go fishing can be a complex issue.  

Guilty as Charged

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this one there is a gal walking past a rack of life preservers on her way down the gangplank.

Are You Still Wading in Felt?

As most of you fly fishing enthusiasts probably know, a number of states (Alaska, Vermont, etc.) have banned the use of felt soles on wading boots. 

Time to Make the Doughnuts

I have always thought the less noise emanating from a boat the better.

Favorite Fish

A bunch of us were sitting around changing out rusted trebles, tying flies, and other stuff that usually accompanies those activities. 

Wading Safety: What to Do If You Fall in the River

Sometimes, losing your footing and falling in the river — especially when you are wearing waders — is no laughing matter.

A Crappie Time

Crappie is a very popular sport fish in the U.S.

Signs of Spring

A few days ago I was petting one of my English setters and I pulled a big clump of hair from her side.

The Fifteen Second Rule

We all love to take photographs of the fish we catch. 

Retainer Explainer

Most of the time, I would rather not wear sunglasses.

Spring Tributaries

One mid-April day a long time ago I went to one of my favorite trout streams to fish.

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