March 2013

Spring Migration from Maryland to Maine

Our first indication that the striped bass are in the rivers is when the shadbush begins to blossom.

The Epic Hatch Events of Spring

This is the season that most dry-fly anglers look forward to most. 

In Tints Fishing

It is about time to start coloring those Easter eggs.

The Stocking Truck

When I was 13 I had one of my more miserable years fishing.

Be Sun Smart

Anglers must be particularly concerned about the harmful effects of too much sun exposure.

7 Tips for Preventing a Bird’s Nest

Spring is not far away. There will soon be flowers in the yard, I’ll be sneezing, and there will be a “bird’s nest” in my baitcaster reels.

Sweet Home Alabama

If Virginia is for Lovers then Alabama is for anglers.

Give Me a Break

For students, Spring Break is rapidly approaching. 

Great Spring Fly Fishing Destinations

Lees Ferry, Arizona, and Delaware River, New York/Pennsylvania

Destination: Tennessee

I recently did a straw pole study with a couple dozen of my friends.

Don’t Flip Out: Tips for Teaching Kids to Handle Fish

When taking a kid fishing, eventually an actual fish will be landed. 

Boats That Won’t Break the Bank

For many anglers, boats add a new dimension to fishing.

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