May 2012

Fishing Artwork

It’s probably true that most of us have some form of artwork that is related to fishing in our homes.

Do You Have a Favorite State Park for Fishing or Boating?

I often write about fishing in far-flung wild locales, but some of my favorite fishing spots are found in places that anyone can easily access—state parks.

Wood or Plastic?

When was the last time you saw a wooden lure?

Why We Love Boating and Fishing Communities

One of the best parts of boating and fishing is that we get to hang out in boating and fishing communities.

PFDs… Make Them Fit

This week is National Safe Boating Week, which is a great campaign to heighten awareness of the things we should know as we get into the boating season in earnest.

Got Lucky Drawers?

“Any luck?” is usually the second question anglers field when they return from a fishing trip (“Where have you been?” perhaps being the first).

Celebrity Fishermen

Several months ago I had a business trip that took me to a really cool place called Honey Lake Plantation.

Be The Fish

I’ve learned that sometimes, in order to know more about catching fish, it’s worth taking a little time to actually “be the fish.”

Boating Reason #131: Snakes

There are many reasons to enjoy boating. Laird Durham, a freelance writer and avid boater, has assembled his Top 10 Reasons, and there are many others.

Fishing and Boating Rigs

We all know that fishing and boating are two of the best activities going.

When They Catch Them on Their Own…

I received a wonderful email the other day. It showed a photo of a young boy with a trout.

Huge Potential

Bassmaster Elite Pro Gerald Swindle might call them “peanuts.” 

Don’t Like Your Local River?

Many of us are blessed to have outstanding fishing close to home.

Safety: The Whistle Works Wonders

Some of the best safety devices don’t cost a ton of money, don’t take up a lot of space, and aren’t that hard to operate.

A Fiddler’s not a Goof

That iconic, time-honored, never-fail bait.

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