3 Options for Where To Get a Fishing License

All great anglers know that preparation is essential for success in fishing. Rods are rigged for your target species. Tackle box is stocked with hooks, lines and sinkers. Lunch is packed for a full day on the water. The boat is fueled up and ready to go. And your fishing license has been purchased.

There are many ways to get your fishing license . Each state has their own regulations, requirements and types of licenses such as multi-day, nonresident, annual, youth, and lifetime. If you aren’t sure where to get a fishing license, you’re in the right place! Here are three options for where to buy a fishing license before you hit the water.

1. Buy Online

Nearly every state has an official state department website where you can buy a fishing license online. This is the quickest, easiest and most convenient way to get licensed and print your license immediately at home. Planners can do it from home in their pajamas and procrastinators can do it at the boat ramp from their phones. Just check our fishing license page to be directed to your state.

2. Call

If you prefer to speak to a human being (or maybe a bot), get the phone number for each state agency at Takemefishing.org. Our states page provides details and content information about all states across the country. You may receive a confirmation number from the state agency to use as proof until your license is mailed or receive an email to print your license at home.

3. Visit an Outdoor Retailer

When considering where to buy a fishing license, remember you can still walk into a good ‘ol brick-and-mortar. Most sporting goods retailers or fishing gear stores can issue you a license onsite. If fishing out of state, this is a good opportunity to speak with a local and get some insider advice on the area and what’s biting.

For information about where to get a fishing license by state, check out our Get Licensed section.

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Alycia Page

Alycia Page

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