November 2013

Unexpected Reasons to be Thankful for Fishing

There are many obvious reasons to be thankful for fishing.

Steer with a Homemade Drogue

Drastic measures call for drastic means.

What kind of a bottom do you like?

There is a paradox of strategy with many B.A.S.S. tournament anglers.

Visit a Fish Hatchery

Fish hatcheries are an important part of the management of fisheries.

At the Pond When I Was Fishing

Don’t tell him I told you, but he didn’t catch a big fish.

No Leaky Boots

Discovering wader leaks is an inevitable part of fishing and hunting.


Okay, probably too cold for the kind of tubing with your friends and swimsuits.

5 Kinds of Disappearing Fishing Tackle

If you fish often enough, you've probably experienced the strange occurrence of fishing tackle that just plain disappears into thin air.

Fix Your Tip

Accidents happen, but when you break your rod tip there is the chance you’re your fishing is going to suffer.

There’s Never an Excuse Not to Wear a Life Jacket

It’s tempting not to wear a life jacket while fishing or boating, especially on nice days.

Teachers are Students too

There is a constant quest for knowledge about catching fish.

5 Tips for Finding Fall Smallmouth Bass

Along with the arrival of cooler fall weather and the changing color of the leaves come more opportunities to land a feisty smallmouth bass.

Clean and Patched Cork Grips

Life’s too short to fish with an ugly rod, so during the off-season get your grip back to like-new condition in a few easy steps.

7 Weird Things to Bring on a Camping Trip

S'mores by the fire, the sound of crickets chirping, the sight of sparkling stars overhead… there are many things about the outdoors to appreciate when you're on a camping trip with the family.

Purchase a Fishing License