Fishing Jackets & Bibs – Which one is best for you?

Fishing rain gear is a necessity that you always want to have whether you end up having to use it or not. Not having it will ruin a fishing day. In this article, we will give you a rundown of the types of fishing rain gear available to anglers and provide an explanation of the many features that you should understand before picking the right rain gear for your next adventure.

What are fishing jackets?

Most everyday rain jackets provide good protection but may not be built for sustained water resistance. Good fishing jackets are designed to provide rain protection when exposed to long periods of downpour. Fishing jackets may also come with features like increased stain resistance to fend off fish slime, hoods that allow air flow while traveling at high speeds in boats, or specialty pockets.

What are bibs?

When the fishing clothing industry says bibs, they’re referring to fishing bibs that look like overalls but provide water resistance and sometimes warmth. Bibs are different than waders, in that waders are meant to be worn submerged, while bibs are to be worn on land. The additional chest protection on fishing bibs means that when coupled with the right jacket, bibs can provide full body rain protection. Fishing bibs may also come with features like plier pockets, comfort straps for all day wear, and warmth necessary for an all-day fishing trip.

Waterproof ratings and what they mean

Waterproof fishing clothing measures waterproof and breathability in millimeters as a K rating. Waterproof ratings refer to the amount of water a suit can withstand before leaking. Fishing rain wear often starts with a 10K rating, with more protection offered by suits rated in the 20K – 30K range. Check out the AFTCO product resources blog to learn more about waterproof rain gear for fishing.

Finding the right rain suit for the weather

There is a tradeoff when choosing rain gear. If you’re looking to buy one pair of rain gear, we suggest buying an all-weather suit. An all-season suit will work best allowing you to layer and add or subtract layers when needed. For anglers that fish in extreme cold or own multiple suits, a winter suit may be appropriate as well. Winter suits provide warmth but are often too warm when the temperatures heat up.

Which one is best for me?

Here’s our top four recommendations:


*Bonus Tip: AFTCO’s Reaper Sweatshirt can turn almost any all-weather suit into a good cold-weather setup. Check out AFTCO’s gear tips for cold weather to learn more about layering.

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