October 2013

Fall Favorites

Fall is a transitional time in the Northeast.

Steel City

Two hours North of Pittsburgh, the state of Pennsylvania has its toe in the Great Lake known as Erie.

3 Pieces of Portable Fishing Gear for Camping Trips

Anyone who has planned a family camping trip knows that it can be a challenge to pare down all of the gear that is needed for a few days in the great outdoors.

A kayak, connecting the shore and your honey hole

I remember the first kayak I ever saw, and it was on a black and white television set, the kind with tubes and required a minute or more to warm up. 

Supersize It this Fall

It is widely known that, as Bassmaster Elite angler Tommy Biffle said, “Big ol’ baits catch big ol’ fish.”

5 Important Reasons to Take Teens Fishing

There are plenty of unhealthy influences and images circulating around in the media and in our day-to-day lives these days.

Family Camping Trips

Marriage. Lotta hard work, no?

Fall for Fishing and Boating

Fall is the ideal time to get outside and enjoy a day on the water.

America’s Guests

I’m not a sailor, but a good friend of mine is.

Maybe Get Back - 4 Tips for Backing up a Boat Trailer

Backing a boat trailer can be intimidating, especially at a crowded boat ramp.

3 Ways to Green Your Fishing Routine

With the amount of tackle and gear the average angler goes through on a yearly basis, you could probably stock a small store.

The Fall Run

Fall is a special time of year.

Spinnerbait time

When the temperature starts dropping and the leaves change colors, I start casting the old spinnerbait again.

4 Useful Boat Accessories for Family Trips

There is nothing quite as relaxing as spending a day on the boat, especially when your boat is outfitted with a few extra conveniences that make the experience more comfortable.

How to Keep a Fish in the Catch and Release World

A few months ago I hooked a striped bass.

To Set or Not to Set

We hear it all the time from coaches of various sports.

Purchase a Fishing License