September 2013

2 Versatile Flies to Use When Fly Fishing for Bass

As a beginning fly angler, I still have plenty to learn about the multitude of flies, lines, and gear associated with this elegant form of fishing.

It’s Hot When It’s On Top

Watching fish feed on the surface is one of the really exciting moments in fishing, and that explains why there is such chatter in fishing shops when anglers find fish feeding on the surface.

Bow Fishing

September 28 is National Hunting and Fishing Day.

Make Someone Fall for You Hook, Line, and Sinker

Whether you want to make someone fall in love with you for the first time, or all over again, the answer may be closer than you think: a date on the water.

5 Space Saving Ideas for Kayak Fishing

Due to the ease of access to pristine fishing areas, kayak fishing has become more popular than ever.

Getting Started Fishing is Easier Than You Think

I learn something from everyone, and these days I have been learning a lot from my kids.

4 Things Fish Would Tell Us If They Could Talk

I've often heard anglers talk about effective fishing techniques and say that, "in order to catch fish, you have to think like a fish."

Don’t Put Up the Kayak Yet

Since late May in Pennsylvania, cars/trucks frequently have been sighted toting kayaks or at least roof racks.

A Fall of Steelhead

Every two or three years, a wonderful fish graces us with its presence.

Four! No, that’s a Five-Pounder!

Fishing can serve as a way to relax, have fun, and help manage stress.

2 Freshwater Fishing Lures to Use This Fall

Fall is one of the best seasons of the year to freshwater fish since the air temperature starts to cool, the lakes become a bit calmer, and the changing color of the leaves makes for spectacular scenery if you are fishing in the northern states.

Fall Fishing

We’ve been losing daylight since the Summer Solstice occurred way back in June.

Log On

Take Me Fishing blogger Tom Keer recently reported on the pelagic bite.

Freshwater Fishing Rules That Were Meant to be Broken

Many of us grew up with a firm set of freshwater fishing rules or beliefs that were passed on to us from a parent, grandparent or maybe even an older sibling who taught us how to fish.

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