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5 Things to Know About Using Soft Plastic Worms for Bass

Soft plastic worms are some of the best bass lures to use when fishing areas of heavy vegetation...

Bass Tips from Scott Martin

Who took me bass fishing for the first time?

Scott Martin Recommends 3 Lures for Beginner Bass Anglers

The Take Me Fishing Team met up with Team Evinrude Angler Scott Martin for some insight on the...

Lake Erie’s Biggie Smallies

Dave Mercer of the Facts of Fishing TV Show and two giant smallmouth bass.

Spring Migration from Maryland to Maine

Our first indication that the striped bass are in the rivers is when the shadbush begins to blossom.

Don’t Flip Out: Tips for Teaching Kids to Handle Fish

When taking a kid fishing, eventually an actual fish will be landed. 

The Grand Pause

One of the best winter bass lures is the jerkbait.

Top 5

Most of my fishing season is spent within a few hours of my home.

The Fall Run

Migratory fish can get under your skin.

The Top 5

When it comes to fishing in the fall I have an incredibly difficult time making up my mind.

Bovines and Bass

Some great fishing can be found in remote ponds and streams that are way out in the country...

Bass Thumb

One reason is bass are so popular is the magnificent bucket mouth handle, and the “Bass...

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