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Fitness Plan

There is a wide variation for definitions of the word, “fit.”

5 Boating Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

If you take your boat out on a regular basis, chances are pretty good that “IT” has...

Just What I Need, a New Boat

My non-fishing friends (which are few and far between I might add), shake their heads when they...

There’s Never an Excuse Not to Wear a Life Jacket

It’s tempting not to wear a life jacket while fishing or boating, especially on nice days.

Maybe Get Back - 4 Tips for Backing up a Boat Trailer

Backing a boat trailer can be intimidating, especially at a crowded boat ramp.

4 Useful Boat Accessories for Family Trips

There is nothing quite as relaxing as spending a day on the boat, especially when your boat is...

It’s A-Boat Time!

I still have snow in the yard but the calendar says “Spring” and in the yard, there...

How to Turn Your Phone Into a Boating Safety Kit

When planning a trip out on the water, most typically start their checklist with the basics...

Bumper Boats

In our continuing quest for the perfect family boat, we are trying to keep an open mind...

The Shocking Truth

As my family continues the quest for the perfect boat, we have reflected on some fun boating...

Bring on Spring!

I’ve got to admit, hearing that good ol’ Punxatawny Phil did NOT see his shadow this...

Boating and Water Safety General Guidelines

With the arrival of summer, people get their boats, fishing gear, and water sports equipment...

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