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Boat Show or No?

A boat show can be a great source of information if you are in the market for a boat.

Fall Boat Shows in October

A buddy of mine attended several fall boat shows, and after a pretty good search he just texted...

2015 Fall Boat Shows: Find Next Year's Boats

I attended my first of many fall boat shows a long time ago.

7 Reasons Why It Pays To Attend Fall Boat Shows

As one of the growing number of women who love boating and fishing, I'm always thinking about...

Spoil Dad With These 5 Fishing Father's Day Gifts

He provided endless hours of patient instruction, and ecstatically cheered you on when you reeled...

The Miami International Boat Show

Most of you know why I’d like to be at this year’s Miami International Boat Show.

Fall Boat Shows

I’m not a tire kicker but I sure act like one.


I don’t know if he fishes but last week, I followed the approximate path of Lebron James...

Thinking About a Boat? Start the Process Now

If you think you might be in the market for a boat next spring, now is actually the time to get...

Just Get There

While channel surfing the other evening, I stumbled across a show called “Bait Car.” ...

Beating the Winter Blues: Saltwater Style

Here at the Take Me Fishing™ headquarters in the Washington, DC metro area, we’re...

So You’re Thinking about Buying a Boat?

And we thought it might be time to voice our opinion and let you in on a few things we’ve...

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