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Pedro Sors, Mexico's most popular TV host, fishes here with his sons.

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People Often Fish Here For:

Red Drum Red Drum

Red drum up to about 10-15 lb. (5-7 g) are very fine eating.

Blue Marlin Blue Marlin

Japanese longliners report that blue marlin is the largest of the istiophoriod fishes. It apparently grows larger in the Pacific.

Sailfish Sailfish

Its fighting ability and spectacular aerial acrobatics endear the sailfish to the saltwater angler.

Flounder Flounder

The flounder is a rapid swimmer and a good light-tackle game fish. It is the most important flatfish of the Atlantic states.

Black Drum Black Drum

Drums use their air bladder to create a sound similar to a drum beating.

Tarpon Tarpon

The tarpon was one of the first saltwater species to be declared a game fish.

Red Snapper Red Snapper

The red snapper is one of the most valuable and heavily exploited snappers in American waters.

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