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Fishing and Boating Reimagined in New 2017 Take Me Fishing and Vamos A Pescar Ad Campaign

Fishing and Boating Reimagined in New 2017 Take Me Fishing and Vamos A Pescar Ad Campaign RBFF is looking to disrupt with a message of less technology and more time in nature through its new Take Me Fishing and Vamos A Pescar ad campaign for 2017. The campaign positions fishing and boating as “the antidote to modern life” and encourages everyone to put down the touchscreens and pick up a fishing rod, embracing their inner “wild child.”

“We were looking for something disruptive that would shake things up and get more people interested in fishing and boating,” said RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson. “This ad campaign does just that and challenges cultural norms while encouraging playful, real life experiences and promoting family togetherness.”

The Take Me Fishing campaign will keep the “FirstCatch” hashtag that proved extremely popular among our target audience (those who typically participate in outdoor activities with their families, but may not have taken up fishing or boating) in 2016. Through the hashtag, anglers new and old are encouraged to share their first catch, whether it be first of a lifetime, season or day. We all know that #FirstCatch is more than just a fish on the line; it’s an escape from the mundane and provides the real experience kids need to grow up, and families need to grow together. With this campaign and hashtag, RBFF is encouraging consumers to heed the call of the wild child and make their way to the great offline. Here’s where you can catch the new ads:

  • Sixty, thirty, and fifteen second digital videos – RBFF’s Take Me Fishing social media platforms
  • TV ads – Disney XD, National Geographic, Discovery, ESPN and more
  • Digital ads – AccuWeather, Pandora and Outdoor Channel

The Vamos A Pescar campaign will feature:

  • Custom social media content delivered via Hispanic social media influencers, thanks to a new partnership with Mitú
  • Ads on Univision and Pandora
  • Digital videos on RBFF’s Vamos A Pescar social media platforms
  • An improved user experience on the newly-revamped VamosAPescar.org

Additionally, RBFF has released a new public service announcement that highlights the link between fishing licenses and conservation. The PSA is available in video, audio and print with custom tagging for your organization available. Also available this year is a series of custom PSAs for each of the 50 states. Please download the PSA materials today for use in your own outreach.

RBFF encourages all stakeholders to join the #First Catch movement by sharing the videos and spreading the pleasures of fishing and boating with your audience. For more information on advertising opportunities, please contact Kendra Lee.

RBFF Announces 2017 State R3 Program Grants Recipients

RBFF Announces 2017 State R3 Program Grants Recipients Nine programs in seven states will receive funding through RBFF’s State R3 Program Grants. The program, now in its third year, funds sustainable and replicable angler and boater recruitment, retention and reactivation (R3) initiatives that focus on increasing fishing license sales and boat registrations to help achieve 60 million anglers in 60 months.

“Our state agency partners will be critical in helping us reach that 60 million angler milestone,” said RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson. “This grant program assists each grantee organization in improving its angler R3 activities, leading to a more active base of anglers and boaters, and more available funds for conservation programs.”

We are excited to announce the awardees of the 2017 State R3 Program Grants:

  • Georgia Wildlife Resources Division -
    • Digital Marketing with Georgia
  • Idaho Department of Fish and Game -
    • Idaho Angler Retention Program
  • Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife -
    • Using Direct Mail and Email to Retain Anglers
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources -
    • Maryland License System Improvement Grant Program
    • Es Mi Parque Program
  • Michigan Department of Natural Resources -
    • Engaging Michigan's First-Time License Buyers
    • Engaging Michigan's Lapsed Female Anglers
  • Minnesota Department of Natural Resources -
    • Minnesota Lifetime Angling Retention
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife -
    • 2017 Annual Trout Fishing Derby Promotion

All grantee programs fall into one of three focus areas: implementing angler/boater retention or reactivation strategies utilizing RBFF's Toolkits, improving the capacity of agencies, and/or testing innovative marketing strategies. In all, $136,300 was awarded to grantees through the 2017 State R3 Program Grants. Proposals were reviewed and selected by RBFF staff and a Proposal Review Working Group made up of industry Board members, Federal agency and NGO representatives.

RBFF looks forward to working with these agencies to implement effective methods for recruiting, retaining and reactivating anglers and boaters, and sharing the learnings in the future. For more information, please contact Stephanie Hussey, State R3 Program Director.

Case Study: M & P Mercury Markets to the Asian Audience

Case Study: M & P Mercury Markets to the Asian Audience After being in business for 50 years, M & P Mercury realized that it can’t expect expansion while continuing to target the same audience. The organization found an untapped opportunity in engaging the Mandarin Chinese audience that has been immigrating to Vancouver in large numbers. While this group only makes up about 10% of the city’s population, this market has grown to 40% of M & P Mercury’s customer base.

While M & P Mercury chose to focus on the Asian audience in its market, these insights can be used for engaging any new audience, including the large and growing Hispanic opportunity.


  • Grow your customer base and revenues by engaging new audiences.
  • Share your passion with your target audience.
  • Translate marketing and sales materials into the language of the audience you’re targeting.
  • Hire marketing and sales professionals who are familiar with your target audience.
  • Welcome your target audience with cultural elements.
    • Hold events and include elements like customary food and music of your target audience.
  • Stay engaged with customers and encourage referrals.
  • Fully-commit your organization to engaging this audience.


To help your organization reach out to new audiences, utilize RBFF’s free resources including our Multicultural Photo Library and research like our Special Report on Fishing. Additionally, RBFF’s resources for reaching the Hispanic audience come in handy when reaching out to new, diverse audiences.

This video is part of a series from the Recreational Boating Leadership Council (RBLC) that was produced with the support of RBFF. All videos in the Strategies and Best Practices for Engaging New Markets series, which is part of RBLC’s New Markets Task Force, are available for viewing in the RBFF Resource Center.