June NewsWaves 2018

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Don’t Miss the 60 in 60 Booth at ICAST

Heading to ICAST this July? You won’t want to miss the 60 in 60 Booth!

RBFF and the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) have teamed up to bring the industry everything needed to keep us making waves towards our 60 in 60 goal. Stop by booth 5400 and pick one of 30 innovative ideas you can implement at your organization.

Catch one of 10 seminars happening Wednesday and Thursday on topics such as Engaging Customers of the Future, How to Deal with Upset Guests and Top 10 Reasons for Losing Sales, Angler Personas and more.

In addition to our presence on the show floor at the 60 in 60 Booth, RBFF staff will be presenting at meetings and seminars and holding meetings with the press and other members of the industry. If you’d like to meet with RBFF to hear the latest news about 60 in 60, our women’s initiative, consumer campaign and more, please contact David Rodgers (drodgers@rbff.org, 702-253-7268).

RBFF Generates Buzz During National Fishing & Boating Week and Great Outdoors Month

National Fishing & Boating Week and Great Outdoors Month are now over, which means fishing and boating season are now in full swing. RBFF leveraged its relationships with state agencies, industry organizations and the outdoor industry as a whole to help generate excitement around fishing and boating. Bruna Carincotte has been managing RBFF’s consumer-facing public relations and social media for nearly five years and is currently the Senior Manager of PR & Social Media for RBFF. Listen in as she covers the exciting events, promotions and initiatives RBFF used to make fishing and boating top-of-mind activities during National Fishing & Boating Week, Great Outdoors Month and beyond:

  1. What special promotions did RBFF have for National Fishing & Boating Week and Great Outdoors Month?
  2. Why do these initiatives matter to our stakeholders?
  3. What kind of engagement did these initiatives drive?

While some of these events and promotions may be over, RBFF will continue to generate awareness for fishing and boating throughout the summer and beyond with additional events, promotions and initiatives. Stay tuned to NewsWaves and follow RBFF on LinkedIn for the latest information.

RBFF Helps Kick Off First-Ever R3 Training at NCTC

Earlier this month, representatives from 30 state agencies, Guam, federal agencies and NGOs gathered in Shepherdstown, West Virginia for the first ever Recruit, Retain, Reactivate (R3) Training. The program, held at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) National Conservation Training Center (NCTC), worked to provide R3 coordinators and practitioners with the necessary tools and information needed to effectively support their R3 efforts.

Developed as a partnership with RBFF, NCTC, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA), the Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports (CAHSS) and Wildlife Management Institute (WMI), the training reached capacity with 60 participants and generated a waiting list. This R3 Training was developed as a pilot with the goal of offering future training and modules to provide continuing education opportunities.

The four day training program was kicked off with the help of USFWS Principal Deputy Director Greg Sheehan, AFWA Executive Director Ron Regan and RBFF’s own President & CEO Frank Peterson, who discussed the changing landscape of outdoor recreation and how critical R3 activities are to ensuring a bright future for fishing, boating and all forms of outdoor activity. In sessions throughout the training program, attendees learned:

  • Facilitation and networking training and techniques
  • Strategies to garner internal and external support for R3 plans
  • Consumer trends and marketing strategies to engage customers
  • Implementation and action plan development
  • Program assessment and evaluation

“I walked away excited about what we are doing and even more excited to bring what I learned back and apply information to our R3 efforts,” said Ryan Ragan, Program Coordinator with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

RBFF is pleased to see the focus on effective R3 efforts across the country and is looking forward to having the entire industry come together to help ensure fishing and boating participation continues to grow for years to come.