November NewsWaves

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Back to the Basics

As we head into the fishing and boating offseason with many planning for next year’s programs and campaigns, we thought it was a good time to provide you with a refresher on the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF), and all that we’re doing to create new customers for your organizations and businesses.

You may only know about our state programs, research reports or But RBFF does A BOATLOAD MORE than that! For a comprehensive overview, please take some time to read through the links below. If you’re already familiar with RBFF and believe in our mission, pass it on!

We hope you’ll take the time to become more familiar with RBFF, its campaigns and resources. Please share this information with your colleagues, encourage them to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter, NewsWaves, and follow us on LinkedIn for real-time updates.

Happy planning season!

RBFF Engages New Fans with Influencer Program

To extend its reach and inspire key target audiences, RBFF has once again partnered with several digital media influencers who just completed publishing content on RBFF’s behalf. These influencers already have strong followings on their social media and blog channels, and RBFF was able to tap into these audiences through videos, images and blog posts that are seen as more authentic than traditional advertisements.

Through 160 images, 6 videos, 15 blog posts and 106 organic and paid social media posts, the program brought in:

  • Nearly 7 million impressions (more than double the 2016 number)
  • More than 38,000 reactions (“likes,” “Loves,” etc.)
  • More than 11,000 video views
  • Nearly 1,700 shares

More than just one-time-use social media posts, this content is now RBFF’s property and can be used at whatever time and on whatever channel we feel is best. Additionally, images from the influencer program are available for stakeholders to use in the Take Me Fishing Photo Library.

Nearly 50,000 Boats Reactivated through RBFF Program

Now in it’s sixth year, RBFF’s successful Boat Registration Marketing Program enjoyed a significant increase in registrations in 2017. The program reactivated 49,867 boats with lapsed registrations, up more than 4,000 over the last two years. The 2017 program earned $1.8 million in gross revenue for the 19 partnering state agencies.

Even more impressive, the program continues to see excellent response rate and lift figures. The 2017 program had a nearly 9% response rate and a lift of 5.49% over the control group. This means RBFF is contributing resources that directly increase state agencies’ revenue, bring in funds that they otherwise would miss out on.

More information on the Boat Registration Marketing Program, including how you can get involved, can be found in the RBFF Resource Center.