November NewsWaves 2018

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Four Tips to Net New Customers with Video Content

Have you ever seen an amazing marketing video and wished you could do the same for your organization? Well, chances are it’s more accessible than you’d imagine.

Thanks to advances in technology and cool, free or inexpensive editing tools, you likely have all the equipment you need in your pocket. Seriously. Here’s how you can create motion content with little or no dedicated budget:

  • Strong content starts with a strong strategy.
    • Start off by asking what would resonate with your audience.
    • Stumped? Try thinking of the questions your audience asks you the most. If you can answer these questions in a video format, you’ll probably be off to a good start.
    • Know where you’ll host your content before you film
      • If the video will live on your website or YouTube channel, it’s okay to be a bit longer. Make sure the video is oriented horizontally, too.
      • Keeping it social? Stick to videos that are one minute or less. Since most users consume content on these channels on a smartphone, try using a vertical orientation. To learn more about why vertical video is essential on social media platforms, check out this video.
  • Gather your equipment.
  • Round up your crew.
    • Recruit your staff, friends and customers to be featured in your videos.
    • If needed, entice them with time spent on the water, free or discounted gear or anything else
  • Edit away.
    • Most newer smartphones, tablets and computers come pre-loaded with basic video editing software like iMovie and Movie Maker that allow you to add in audio and make simple cuts and transitions.
    • Looking for an even more polished look? Try outsourcing by sending your raw video content to a freelance video editor.

Earlier this year, RBFF Staff spent a day on the water, generating basic how-to content at a local waterway. Be on the lookout for these new videos in the new year.

Now it’s your turn. Plan your content, grab a camera and captivate your audience!


2018 RBFF State Marketing Workshop Aims to Make Waves

Our 2018 State Marketing Workshop is on the horizon. Next week, 128 representatives from 49 state agencies, including a record number of directors and assistant directors, will convene in Atlanta, Georgia to hear from a stacked lineup of speakers, panelists and high-quality content.

Here's what attendees can expect:

  • Learn about diversity and inclusion with a keynote from Axie Navas of Outside Magazine and a panel of strong female leaders in the outdoor industry and beyond.
  • Take part in sessions diving in to:
    • R3 planning
    • Marketing & community outreach
    • License system optimization
    • R3 business best practices
  • Hear the latest license sales trends from Rob Southwick.
  • Find out how the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife is increasing its R3 capabilities.

If you can’t make it to Atlanta this year, follow the conversation on RBFF’s LinkedIn and Twitter channels and via #RBFFWorkshop!


Minnesota Retains Anglers Through Lifetime License Sales

Imagine if you didn’t need to remind people to purchase their fishing license every year... a lifetime license could mean just that.

Last year, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resource (MN-DNR) was awarded grant money from RBFF’s State R3 Grants Program. These funds helped them create a campaign to retain anglers by promoting the purchase of a lifetime license.

MN-DNR saw the following results from this campaign:

  • Generated net revenue totaling $11,441.
  • Residents aged 51 – 63 had the highest response rates of all groups when receiving two emails & postcard.
  • Residents aged 18 -50 had the highest response rate when they received two emails.
  • Additional communications showed diminishing returns of sales over time.

“RBFF is a valuable partner in R3 efforts, and through this grant opportunity RBFF has again proven to be valuable in helping Minnesota make informed decisions regarding its promotional campaigns,” said James Leach, Director Fish & Wildlife at the MN-DNR.

Due to the successful completion of this pilot program, MN-DNR plans to continue sending emails to encourage their target audience to purchase lifetime licenses.

A detailed case study is available to help other states implement similar programs. Our state agency partners have been hard at work, developing successful programs and driving revenue through R3. To see other state successes, visit the R3 webpage.