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Pacific Crevalle Jack

Pacific Crevalle Jack

Behavior patterns, edibility and the general appearance of the Pacific crevalle jack are the same as for its Atlantic counterpart.

Catch Ease
Bay, Ocean

How to identify a Pacific Crevalle Jack

This eastern Pacific species is identical in most respects to the crevalle jack (Caranx hippos) of the western Atlantic, including the characteristic black spot or blotch on the operculum (gill cover) and on the pectoral fins. The Pacific species is distinguished externally only by the presence of a larger maximum number of scutes (up to 42, as opposed to 25-35 in C. hippos). This and other differences documented by scientists have led to classification of the Pacific crevalle jack in recent years as a separate and valid species.

Where to catch Pacific Crevalle Jack

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how to catch Pacific Crevalle Jack

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Pacific Crevalle Jack lures, tackle & bait

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