Tope Shark

Tope Shark

The Tope shark is a popular catch of anglers, commonly taken by rod and reel in very deep waters of the sharks’ habitat range.

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How to identify a Tope Shark

This species is characterized by a rather long, pointed snout, oval eye, and distinctive teeth, which have a sharp oblique cusp and 3-5 coarse basal serrations. The second dorsal fin is nearly over the anal fin and about the same size. The terminal lobe of the caudal fin is extremely large, about half the length of the upper lobe. Tope are ovoviviparous, giving birth to 10-50 young per litter, with an average litter of approximately 35 young.

Where to catch Tope Shark

Tope sharks are moderately large, wide ranging, active, schooling sharks found in coastal continental waters of the Eastern Pacific, Western South Atlantic, Eastern Atlantic, Southwestern Indian, and Western South Pacific Oceans. In the United States, the tope shark can be found along the continental US west coast.In the upper latitudes of its range, this species is a very migratory shark. In certain locations, these sharks will move toward the poles during the summer months and back towards the equator during the colder winter months. They are very strong swimmers and can swim up to 35 miles each day.These sharks are an abundant species that reside in continental and inshore waters including shallow bays. It can also be found offshore in deeper waters as well as in the surf zone near beaches. The following list includes additional details on where to catch this fish:

how to catch Tope Shark

The tope shark is primarily an opportunistic predator and will feed mostly on moderate-sized bony fishes, and in some areas crabs and squid. It has a strong preference for very fresh fish or squid bait over slightly stale or even fresh-frozen bait. When hooked, these fish are very active fighters.These sharks are often targeted using fresh chunks of oily fish such as mackerel or barracuda. Light offshore gear is usually sufficient however the tope shark is still a sporty catch using heavier trolling tackle. Sometimes these sharks can be caught from the surf. The meat of the tope sharks is sometimes eaten fresh or dry salted. This shark is also one of the species to have the unfortunate luck of being used for sharkfin soup. Tope sharks were also once extensively fished for the exceptionally high concentrations of Vitamin A found in their liver. The following are fishing methods used to catch this fish:

Tope Shark lures, tackle & bait

The following are lures, tackle or bait that can be used to catch this fish:

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