Still Fishing

Still fishing is a simple method, and can be also the most effective.

Still fishing is one of the basic methods that you can practice to become a successful angler. Still fishing is a matter of putting your bait in the water and waiting for a fish to find it. This fishing method is simple, and can be also the most effective.

Still Fishing: Basics

  • Still fishing is a versatile way to go. Still fishing can be done from a pier, a bridge, an anchored boat or from shore.
  • Depending on water depth and the type of fish you may want to still fish near the surface, at a mid-water depth, or right down the bottom using a float, or bobber.
  • You can also still fish on the bottom or off the bottom in ponds, lakes, rivers and streams for a variety of species.
  • Your equipment and the size of the hooks and bait you use depends on what kind of fish you’re after. But your best equipment for still fishing is patience. You have to wait for the fish to bite.
  • Still fishing can be practiced during most seasons and during any part of the day.

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