Ice Fishing Tip Ups

A tip-up is a technique as well as a piece of ice fishing equipment. Get more information here.

Tip Ups

A tip-up is a technique as well as a piece of ice fishing equipment, more information can be found in the ice fishing gear section. A tip-up is a device set on the ice above your hole that dangles bait beneath it with a flag as a strike indicator. When a fish takes the bait, the reel turns and releases the line and flag at the same time. The flag "tips up" alerting the angler something is on the line. Tip-ups work best with heavier braided line and a larger lure, and typically attract larger game fish.

Steps to Ice Fish Using Tip Ups

  1. Once your tip-up is set up on the surface above your hole, drop your line in the water until it hits the bottom (usually stirring up the water).
  2. Then raise the line slightly above the floor.
  3. The line can either remain still or if you are not in a shelter, the wind can provide a natural jigging movement.

Many anglers try all techniques simultaneously to see which works best for that particular body of water, the species available and the conditions of the season. If you plan to use multiple fishing rods or tip-ups, make sure you check the regulations from your state agency as some have limits on the numbers of rods an ice angler can use, or require permits.