August 2016

5 Benefits of Buying a Fishing Boat in the Fall

Get ahead of the curve by buying a boat in the fall. Some factors to consider include winterizing, maintenance, and discounts. Save cash before you splash.

Mi ultima salida a pescar en verano

Summer doesn't last too much, so I had to get out and find a nice spot to share a fishing journey with my family and friends. 

3 Great Saltwater Fishing Locations

Need inspiration to take a saltwater fishing trip? Get suggestions for three exciting spots, along with advice regarding rigs, reels and bait. You never know what you might hook!

Florida Fishing: 4 Freshwater Exotics To Catch

Spice up your summer fishing trips with Florida's exotic freshwater fish. A local angler gives the inside scoop on the best fishing tackle and techniques, as well as where to find species like butterfly peacock bass, clown knife fish, and more!

Visit Top Fishing Spots Before Summer ends

Labor Day is an invitation to extend summer vacation and visit top fishing and boating spots. Experience new challenges, avoid crowds and save money while doing so.

The Bird is the Word on Bait Fish

On your next surf fishing trip, study the feeding shore birds. Their breakfast might help you hook up your next catch!

Saltwater Fishing Tackle for Boat or Shore

The best saltwater fishing tackle depends on where you are fishing and what you want to catch. Learn what types of gear work for boat fishing, trolling, and shore fishing. You may even catch a ray, or a shark!

How to Tie an Arbor Knot

One of the first fly fishing knots that you may need to use is the arbor knot. This video will show you the simple steps for tying it perfectly, so you can get out there and start catching fish!

5 Surf Fishing Tips for a Thrilling Catch

Catching saltwater fish on the beach is a thrill. Get expert tips and techniques to help you find the angling action!

Little-Known Best Times to Fish

Mornings and evenings aren’t the only great times for catching fish. Discover four fishing times when the bite is good and the other anglers have gone indoors.

How to Maintain Your Fishing Rods & Reels

Save time and money by learning how to take proper care of your fishing rods & reels. Read this for tips on how to keep your gear in prime working order! 

Surf Fishing: The Best Gear for the Brine

If you want to catch saltwater fish, then you'll need specialized tackle. Try surf fishing with the right gear and you might become a beach addict, too!

5 Popular Bait Fish you can use

Learn how to catch more fish by using live bait. Skilled angler describes five popular bait fish and what they catch, including key details such as size, strength, and oxygen tolerance. What do big bass find irresistible? Find out here.

6 Saltwater Lures to Try in Fresh Water

Have a freshwater fishing trip coming up, but want to use tackle that you already have? Read about saltwater lures you can use to catch freshwater fish here!

Mid Fishing Season Check: is Your Boat Ship Shape?

After half a season of fishing and boating, check your boat trailer and outboard for repairs. A stitch in time saves nine, so you can spend the rest of your summer on the water!

Classifying Fun for Aquatic Conservation

Effective fisheries management includes collecting data on each fish species. Find out how one biologist categorizes fish by length, with some humorous additions by a recreational angler.

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