Ice Fishing Gear

Ice fishing requires special gear for the fish and for the temperatures. The equipment you will need for ice fishing is much different than freshwater fishing. It's important to have the right gear including the right electronics, ice tools, rods, reels, ice fishing bait and lures.


Bait and Lures

Learn how to choose the best live bait or artificial lures for an ice fishing rod.

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Rods and Reels

Most ice fishing reels are designed to be used with most ice fishing rods.

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Ice Fishing Tools

Learn more about augers, chisels and other helpful ice fishing tools.

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Electronic Tools for Ice Fishing

Ice fishing electronics can be very beneficial, and can help you to locate fish.

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Ice Fishing Shanties

Shanties are portable shelters that will protect you on windy days.

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Clothing for Ice Fishing

These are some basic items for warmth to bring on your next ice fishing trip.

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Different ice rod blanks

Ice Rod Blanks

Learn more about ice rod blanks, ice fishing rods for catching different species.

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Best ice fishing tackle kits for beginners

Ice Fishing Tackle

Find which type of ice fishing tackle to use, rods, reels, jigs, other ice fishing gear.

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