Saltwater Fishing

Plan your next saltwater fishing adventure with your family and friends. From the coastline to the deep-sea, there are countless saltwater fishing opportunities for all anglers. Learn what type of fishing gear and equipment you need to use based on the species you are trying to catch.

An estuary where saltwater and freshwater are mixing to create tide

How Tides and Fishing Can Help You Catch Bass

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illegal fish caught on a table

4 Ways Illegal Fishing Impacts Our Eco-Systems

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Saltwater Rods & Reels

A good saltwater rod and reel are the foundation for successful saltwater fishing.

Saltwater Knots

There are hundreds of fishing knots, but most anglers only need to know two basic knots.

Saltwater Fishing Bait

These are some of the best options of saltwater fishing bait that you can use to fish.

Types of Saltwater Fishing

Deciding where to fish will help you to know what saltwater fish species you can target.

Saltwater Fishing Gear

Saltwater fishing rods and reels are just the start. Learn about all the other options.

Saltwater Tackle & Knots

Fishing tackle includes rods, reels, hooks, and all kinds of accessories and supplies.

Places to Boat and Fish Nearby

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Saltwater Bait and Lures

Some anglers like natural bait, some prefer lures. Here are some good things to know.

Saltwater Fish Species

These are the most common saltwater fish species you can catch on your next fishing trip.

Saltwater Fishing FAQ

Basic questions and answers to will help you get out on the water and start catching fish.

When to Saltwater Fish

Learn when the best times to saltwater fish are.


Fishing is a great way to bond with your family. But remember, before you go you need to purchase your fishing license and check your state fishing regulations.